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  Preparing your products for the global market


Localization is the process of creating or adapting a product to a specific locale, i.e., to the language, cultural context, conventions, and market requirements of a specific target market. With a properly localized product, a user can interact with this product using his/her own language and cultural conventions. It also means that all user-visible text strings and all user documentation (printed and electronic) use the language and cultural conventions of the user. Finally, the properly localized product meets all the regulatory and other requirements of the user's country/region.

Definition by The Localization Institute

With the global market expanding day by day, are you still confined in your own country? Do you see the opportunities waiting for you out there?

Localization helps you to put your products onto the global market, anywhere in the world, and helps your business to expand quickly!

Localization is not just about translation, it’s about understanding the product and “repackaging” it so that it completely fits into the context and environment of another region or country, especially one that speaks a different language.

TW-DAY Translation provides a project solution for product localization, including the user interface, specifications, strings, dialogue blocks, function tables, error messages, product user manuals and printed materials of management systems, databases, game software, etc. By utilizing the TRADOS translation solution, we can achieve translation consistency and resource recycling.

We can handle file formats including: RC, C#, VB, HTML, XML, RTF, Flash, etc., and our localization project team consists of both full-time and contracted translators in the field, DTP staff, and quality control personnel. We know how to maximize our work efficiency, human resource availability, and language consistency, thus minimizing the error rate.

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